CSBG (Community Services Block Grant)

The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Program is the cornerstone of a Community Action Agency. The CSBG Program is designed to provide services and activities that will have a measurable and possibly major impact on the causes of poverty. This is accomplished through offering a wide range of services that will assist low-income and other disadvantaged individuals and families to obtain the skills, knowledge, motivation, and resources necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. The CSBG Program gives operating agencies the flexibility necessary to respond to the special needs of their communities, and the provisions for investment in new and unique initiatives in meeting these needs.

The IVEDC CSBG Program offers information, referral, and assistance in securing services from a wide range of social, economic, health, housing, and welfare programs and may also provide for immediate life necessities such as food, shelter, medicine, etc. The key components of the CSBG Program focused on moving individuals and families to self-sufficiency are Family and Community Development, Job Placement/Development, and Supportive Housing.

The Family and Community Development program (FCD) provides case management services and financial resources to families in attaining self-sufficiency. FCD staff provide job search assistance as part of the program.

Economic development activities are an integral part of CSBG. IVEDC utilizes special funding designated for this activity by operating a Job Placement/Development Program aimed at providing employment to low-income individuals through job search and preparation, incentives, and short term educational programs.

The agency is also concerned with the provision of adequate, economical housing for the working poor and disabled populations.  CSBG provides the platform necessary to solicit and support programming to further its efforts in this area. Part of this need is met by the Supportive Housing Program – Transitional Housing Program. This program is provided by a grant from Housing and Urban Development and operated in conjunction with CSBG.  The program provides adequate and affordable transitional housing to homeless families and individuals. Operating in combination with supportive services and focusing on family and individual development this program enables homeless families and individuals to establish permanent housing.

Community Services Block Grant assists with the following services:

  • Employment Supplies
  • School Supplies (k-12)
  • Adult Education Programs (C.D.L., C.N.A. etc)
  • Post Secondary Educational Expenses
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Housing Payment Assistance
  • Utility Payment Assistance
  • Housing Supportive Services
  • Food Voucher Assistance
  • Hygiene Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance (gas vouchers, vehicle repairs, vehicle insurance and title & transfer assistance)
  • Emergency Clothing Assistance (under the age of 18)

Service Areas:  Calhoun, Greene, Jersey, and Macoupin Counties

Required Documentation

  • Social Security Cards for the household
  • Proof of income for the household for the last 30 days
  • Most recent gas/electric bill and or water bill

2024 CSBG Poverty Income Guidelines

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